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 2008 National RoboCup Junior

The Australian RoboCup Junior competitions were held at the hands-on Science & Technology museum SciTech in Perth, Western Australia, during September 21st & 22nd September 2008. There were 13 teams from China, 8 from Singapore, and more than 20 teams from Schools across Australia & Tasmania competing.

National RoboCup Junior Premier Rescue Finalists

The following image is of the the RoboCup Junior Premier Rescue finalists.

This image is displayed by kind permission of RoboCup Junior Australia.

To see picture with medium detail (34KB), click here.

To see a more detailed picture (3.3MB), click here...

A YouTube video of several of these robots performing can be seen here.

National RoboCup Junior Heavyweight Soccer Robot finalists

A YouTube video of the  best 2008 heavyweight soccer robots competing in the first half of their 2008 final can be seen by clicking here.

Best Tasmanian Soccer Robot

A demonstration of the heavyweight robot that won the Tasmanian event can be seen by clicking here. Most of the Tasmanian Soccer Robots are lightweight Robots made from LEGO. No videos were taken of the local robots in action, but two YouTube videos of overseas LEGO Soccer Robot demonstrations can be seen here (was its goal legal?) and here.

National Senior Robotic Dance

A YouTube video of the winning Senior Dance performance can be seen here.

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