Primary/Secondary Age Division in World RoboCup Competitions in Suzhou, China 2008

As noted in the International version of the Rescue Rules, the "Primary/Secondary" division is age-related. Our guess is that this because some School Systems use a Primary/Middle/Senior system instead of a Primary/Secondary division.

It should also be noted that an 18 month-old child would be regarded as being one year old in some societies (e.g. many European-related societies) and two years old in other societies (e.g. many Chinese-related societies). For the purposes on interpreting these rules, the "European" interpretation of age is used.

Dr. Ashley A. Green has kindly clarified the rules regarding the "Primary" and "Secondary" School divisions mentioned in the International RoboCup rules. Dr. Green comments:

A team can participate in the Primary division in any given year, provided all team members will be under 15 years of age on 1st July that year.  Otherwise, the team must participate in the Secondary division.

(This applies equally to Dance, Rescue and Soccer.)


Each team member must be under 20 years of age on 1st July in order to participate in RCJ.


...  In the UK, teams from Primary Schools compete in Primary, and teams from Secondary Schools compete in Secondary.  Our champion Primary teams (typically aged 8-11) go to international RoboCup events and find themselves competing against 13 and 14-year-olds.  Many of our champion Secondary teams end up representing the UK in the Primary division!



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Ashley - World RoboCup in Suzhou China International Rescue Rules.